A new charitable organisation has recently been formed in the UK to encourage older, professional people to train as teachers. One of the co-founders of Now Teach is a former Financial Times journalist, Lucy Kellaway, aged 57.  She spoke on the BBC’s Radio 4 about the number of people who want to contribute to society and are not ready to retire in their 60’s whilst there is at the same time a shortage of teachers, particularly of science and maths subjects.   Now Teach hopes to tap into older high-flyers who are reaching the end of one career, “dream of starting all over again and doing something new”,  and want to feel useful.  They point out that there is no age limit to teaching.  Lucy Kellaway will be in the first tranche of people going for teacher training from the organisation.

Becoming a teacher is not everyone’s thing, but the news item is a positive statement about the value of older members of society and how much they can still contribute. –  A message that needs to be oft-repeated in a world of ageist prejudices.

It also reminds us of the importance of being involved in something which interests and challenges us at all ages.  Even if we are past paid employment by choice or necessity keeping mentally active and having some purpose in our life is good for our wellbeing.  We may have officially ‘retired’ but it is not healthy to retire from life.


Link : Now Teach

Debbie King

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