FROM 12 to 22 PER CENT ?

For most of history people over the age of 65 accounted for no more than around 4% of the population, but that has all changed.   Now the over 60’s make up about 12% of the world’s population, and that is set to increase to 22% by the year 2050.    The proportion is changing due to older people living longer for a range of reasons, and fertility rates of younger people decreasing worldwide.   People in western societies can currently have a life expectancy of their late 70’s /early 80’s, but this too is changing and in future more of us will have a longer life span.   Ageing in as positive way as possible has always been important, and will become crucial if we are to ensure that a significant chunk of our future population enjoy contentment and continued fulfilment in their life.    


Debbie King

Between 2014 and 2016 I took time out to travel alone around Europe, blogging about my experiences, discoveries and personal development on One of the many beautiful lessons I learned was the possibility of self-discovery and personal growth at any age. I am now passionate about achieving and encouraging successful ageing and making this a Silver Not Grey journey. I hope that Age With Me can inform, inspire, and accompany you on your silver journey. If you want to send me a comment you can do so privately or publicly. If publicly your email address need not be displayed. Please specify if you wish your comment to be private and seen only by me, thank you.

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